YouthMobile award

15 February 2019

15 February 2019, UNESCO Almaty will hold an awards ceremony for mobile application developers of the Central Asian YouthMobile Competition.

Applications submitted to the YouthMobile contest contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

36 young people have participated in the contest. They worked in a teams as well as individually and in total they submitted 12 mobile applications. 8 of them have been short listed.

The jury is represented by experts in communication and information, social sciences and humanities, education, as well as independent developers of mobile applications. The jury will announce three winners- participants whose mobile applications won prizes.

The jury evaluated the presence of applications in the open GitHub repository, popularity and users' feedback, application quality criteria and standards compliance, the breadth and involvement of audiences, innovation, compliance with sustainable development goals, and the impact on the possibility of achieving them until 2030.

On 15 February, the YouthMobile contest awards ceremony will be held in Almaty. Inspirational speakers from the field of internet business and mobile commerce will speak about the future of the mobile applications, innovations and demands as well as monetization of mobile applications. The winners and participants will have a good opportunity in mobile applications development networking.

Since 2015 UNESCO Almaty has organized a series of trainings for 80 young people by providing them the basic technical skills and competencies necessary to develop, promote and distribute mobile applications, and increase employment opportunities.

Record of the Webinar #3

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