Youth Forum "Everyone is different, everyone is unique"

24 May 2017

On 19 May, 2017 the Rostov Kremlin Museum hosted a youth forum dedicated to the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

The forum "Everyone is different, everyone is unique" is held in Rostov Kremlin Museum since 2014 as a reminder of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This is a youth forum that gathers together around hundred of school students in Yaroslavl region, Russia. The objective of the forum is to involve teenagers in a serious, "adult" conversation about the diversity of forms of cultural interaction in their lives.

Forum UNESCO Almaty

In 2017, the project acquired a new format of a discussion club with intellectual "battles" and a vibrant competitive component. The participants were invited to talk about "own" and "other", order and anarchy, communication and boundaries... The forum gave to young people their first experience of public speaking skills, taught them how to formulate and present their thoughts, to develop discussion and communication skills. It is important for Russian teenagers to learn how to communicate freely and on an equal conditions not only with each other, but also with adults. University teachers, artists, athletes, cultural figures were the adults who softly guided the discussion, or entered into a lively dialogue with young people. Among them there was Bjorn Stenvers, the director of the Association of Museums in Amsterdam and the world-renowned expert in museum marketing.

Forum UNESCO Almaty

One of the most impressive moments was the meeting of forum's youth with harismatic participants of the motocross, who arrived in Rostov. Teenagers and bikers launched together balloons into the sky as a beautiful and inspiring final of the forum day.

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