Video Training Basics: Documenting Reality

23 January 2007

Documenting Reality, a new module of the Video Training Basics series that UNESCO publishes with the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) is now available on-line.

What is the 'reality' we see on our screens? Who created it and why? The 30 minute documentary Documenting reality focuses on how 'reality' is created by the camera, while exploring the constructedness of reality itself.

The film delves into why and how certain 'truths' are legitimized, providing a tool for critical thinking and analysis of contemporary mediated societies.

Through this series of training modules, UNESCO and PSBT aim to support the communication process in democratic societies, particularly in developing media environments, by providing basic and easily comprehensible self-training materials that can be inexpensively distributed to potential content creators as well as to audiences.

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