5 June 2021

Take part in the UN #GenerationRestoration campaign to celebrate the World Environment Day.

UNESCO, together with Telli Kazakhstan, will conduct a series of activities for young people from Central Asia to raise their awareness and involvement in ecosystem restoration processes from 5 to 30 June 2021.

The need to revive damaged ecosystems has never been more urgent than it is now.

Ecosystems support all life on the Earth. The healthier our ecosystems, the healthier the planet and humanity. The goal of World Environment Day for Ecosystem Restoration is to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on all continents and in every ocean. This will help end poverty, combat climate change and prevent mass extinction of living things.

We cannot turn back time. However, we can grow trees, green cities, rebuild parks, change our diet, and clean up rivers and coasts. We are a generation that knows how to put up with nature.

Today, more than ever, the creativity and innovation of young people is needed to develop effective ideas and measures to restore and recreate the environment.

Thus, the youth challenge on Instagram #WakeUpToRestore with the support of UNEP will serve as a safe space for young people to solve situational problems and develop creative ideas for restoring objects of ecosystems that have undergone degradation. Registration of teams is until 8 June. The challenge period is from 10 to 30 June. Please register participation of your team via the link.

The #GenerationRestoration short video competition on TikTok (link to competition regulations), together with the youth initiative group YLSP from Kyrgyzstan, will unleash the creative potential of young people, where they will talk about their actions in favor of the restoration of ecosystem objects. The competition period is from 5 to 25 June. Please find more via YLSP Instagram account.

Moreover, the regional intellectual online game Brain Boy aimed at raising awareness of the risks and situations of ecosystem degradation, will affect the rethinking of the attitude of the younger generation to the environment. The event will take place on 25 June. Please register via the link. Participation is free.

The most active, creative, successful participants and teams will be awarded commemorative prizes from UNESCO, Telli Kazakhstan and UNEP.

Permanent link: http://en.unesco.kz/unesco-x-telli-reimagine-recreate-restore