UNESCO introduced schoolgirls to the world of science

18 February 2019

On 11 February 2019, the UNESCO Almaty Office celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This time special attention was paid to schoolgirls.

During the event, children had an opportunity to plunge into the world of science through an interactive journey among thematic "stations" dedicated to various modern challenges of the world and Kazakhstan, in particular: climate change, biodiversity loss, disasters, lack of water resources, plastic pollution and natural resources management. Each theme was linked to the achievement of a particular Sustainable Development Goal to build girls' awareness and understanding on how science can help solve the above environmental challenges.


Welcoming remarks by young women researchers were addressed to girls encouraging them to be curious and explore the world. The staff of the UNESCO Almaty and young women scientists acted as mentors on each of the topics.


Using the knowledge gained at the sessions, the participants will replicate this activity in their schools. The best team will be able to take part in the UNESCO-organized field trip on Earth Sciences entitled "Girls and Rocks". This trip will be the first in a series of field works initiated by the UNESCO Almaty for girls to gain knowledge about nature through field trips and outdoor activities.

Awarding ceremony UNESCO Almaty

Team of mentors UNESCO Almaty


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