UNESCO Almaty call for experts on the Cultural and Creative Industries in Central Asia

13 May 2022

The UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office (hereinafter UNESCO Almaty) is seeking qualified and experienced expert organizations in Cultural and Creative Industries (hereinafter CCI) studies to develop four separate national studies of the current state of affairs in digital skills development in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the following industries:
Culture events (concerts, festivals etc.)

UNESCO Almaty is looking to have four separate national studies. Interested specialists and/or organizations may apply to conduct national studies on one or several countries.

Interested organizations shall send their declarations of interest with a clear indication of country(ies) that they would like to study, as well as financial proposals to conduct the study(ies) and as their supporting documents (CVs, lists of publications and research studies etc) by e-mail before 5 June 2022 to Mr Majer Massanov (m.massanov@unesco.org.

Due to the specific form of budget structure, interested individual specialists need to have a status of individual entrepreneur.

Required Qualifications
Higher education in creative industries and/or digital development, preferably with master degree in art management or CCI studies;
Strong research, writing and analytical skills;
Good level of professional English and Russian languages;
Past research experience in the field of CCI studies;
Contractual experience with UN and/or other international organizations is an asset.

Terms of Reference

In order to contribute to the efforts of UNESCO for the promotion and development of CCI and UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (hereinafter UNESCO 2005 Convention) in the Central Asia, and as part of the Strengthening Digital Literacy Skills and Competencies and Promoting Gender Equality in Cultural and Creative Sectors in Central Asia project of UNESCO Almaty, under the overall authority of the Director of the UNESCO Almaty, and the direct supervision of the Culture Programme Officer of the UNESCO Almaty, the Contractor shall:
1. Establish regular working relations and participate in e-mail exchanges and conference calls with UNESCO Almaty and seek clarification as deemed necessary throughout the different stages of implementation.
2. Prepare national study(ies) of the current state of affairs in digital skills development in the following CCI industries: film, music and organization of culture events.
3. Hold offline and/or online consultations with national and local authorities responsible for CCI management, local CCI experts and representatives of professional associations of creative entrepreneurs and provides of cultural and creative services and products, as well as associations of creative and/or working women in order to collect information in the interest of the study(ies).
4. Discuss with UNESCO Almaty the structure of the study.
5. The study(ies) should focus on and include following information(list not exclusive):
5.1. Current status of selected CCI and level of development of digital skills, as well digital skill gaps with focus on the capacity-development among the Central Asian women;
5.2. National legislation regulating film, music and culture events industries;
5.3. Status of women working in film, music and culture events industries with focus on statistics (for example: number of women studying creative professions; number of womenin charge of cultural and creative associations and companies working in the cultural and creative associations; number of women that received international and national awards etc) and their potential to access and develop their digital skills;
5.4. Capacity-building and training needs to cover the current digital skill gaps with focus on women.
5.5. Annexes for the study(ies) shall include:
5.5.1. List of local educational institutes and universities that provided courses on digital skills for creative professions (especially for film, music and culture events industries);
5.5.2. List all possible sources of information on CCI development;
5.5.3. List all contacted and consulted CCI experts and authorities;
5.6. Conclusions on the identified digital skill gaps with focus on the capacity-development among the Central Asian women and recommendations to overcome them.
6. The study(ies) shall be prepared in Russian language and include 50-60 pages (font Times New Roman; font size 12, excluding annexes) with an executive summary.
7. Submit the final draft of the national study(ies) in Russian language for approval and produce necessary modification in the final draft on the request of UNESCO Almaty.
8. At no charge, grant to UNESCO Almaty the right to use the final version of the national study(ies) for not-for-profit purposes.

9. Final draft of the national study(ies) for approval of UNESCO Almaty 30 September 2022;
10. Final version of the national study(ies) 30 October 2022.

It is also agreed that:
11. The Contractor will be working from the contractors usual workplace.
12. Any possible bank charges of the contractor shall be charged to the contractual amount.
13. All expenses exceeded the amount of the contract is the responsibility of the Contractor.
14. The work should be completed by 30 October 2022.

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