Training on Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking

5 April 2004

One-day workshop training for librarians on strategic planning and creative thinking at the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The workshop training was organized on the initiative and financial support of the National Library. 14 executives of the leading libraries of Kazakhstan participated in the brain-storming session on the development of the rural libraries network and improvement of services for readers.

Access to huge information collections contained in the libraries and archives of the Central Asian countries is one of the key factors needed for building information society in the countries and helping them to join the World Knowledge Society. Access to information promotes economic and social development of the region, especially if this access is equal for all groups of the society.
As follow-up, the Republican Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Kazakhstan will build capacity of librarians of rural areas of Kazakhstan through conducting trainings in using ICT. The purpose of the trainings is to raise the skills of rural librarians in facilitating and widening access of users to collections.

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