Training for teachers: Global citizenship for the value of human dignity and respect for all

27 January 2021

From January 19-22, teachers of UNESCO Associated Schools participated in an online training on "Global Citizenship for the Value of Human Dignity and Respect for All" on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

More than 20 teachers learned about UNESCO's Global Citizenship Education (GCED) program and listened to a special interactive session on the Holocaust led by an expert with the support of the Embassy of Israel to Kazakhstan.

At the end of the training, participants created and defended a portfolio, which included case studies, a mini-project and evaluation forms, in order to apply knowledge on the development of educational content on the selected topic of GCED.

A survey was conducted to measure the effectiveness of the training. 100% of participants responded that they were completely satisfied with this training. Also 100% plan to incorporate OGC topics in their courses.

A number of positive reviews were received:

"The training provided me with invaluable support as a young leader. I will be able to apply what I have learned in implementing anti-bullying and safety policies in school.
- Elvira Sarsenova, 31
"We liked to act not only as listeners, but also as active participants of the training: we worked through each interesting question, discussed it and immediately, looked for evidence of our opinions, argued and came to a common conclusion. Practical recommendations for developing educational content were very useful. I received a lot of information about the Holocaust, it was both emotional and a completely new vision of the problem, a departure from stereotypical thinking, etc. I plan to apply all information and knowledge in class and actions for the purpose of development of education in the spirit of global citizenship.
- Saden Nazgul, 41

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