Tips for world heritage site managers on tourism development

10 May 2019

Some useful tips for site managers on tourism development for your disposal.

  • Site managers implement activities designed to increase understanding and appreciation of World Heritage for visitors, residents, and industry.
  • Site managers ensure the site is accessible to visitors with disabilities and to the local community.
  • Site managers understand who comes to visit the site and the site uses a consistent methodology to estimate visitors financial contribution to the site.
  • Site managers proactively manage visitor volumes in the site.
  • Site managers regularly monitor, record and report impacts of visitor related activities in the site.
  • Site managers proactively work to monitor and enhance the local communitys opinion on tourism.
  • Site managers actively measure visitor satisfaction and implement actions designed to enhance the visitor experience and satisfaction.
  • Site mangers ensure safety and security for visitors.
  • Site mangers proactively manage disaster risks, and respond to crises and emergencies.
  • Site managers proactively protect/uphold rights, ensure equal opportunities and prevent exploitation against gender/racial/ethnic/religious biases.
  • Site managers appreciate , protect, and help visitors experience intangible cultural heritage values from the local communities.
  • Site managers support social integration and inclusion of tourism development activities especially among the poor and at-risk youth.
  • Site managers regularly monitor and implement capacity building activities for relevant stakeholders to ensure food security at the site.
  • Site managers protect sensitive environments from negative impacts of human activities.
  • Site managers and the tourism industry minimize solid waste and wastewater.
  • Site managers and the tourism industry support efforts to minimise the use of energy, light, noise and visual pollution.

Silk Roads Heritage Corridors

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