Teaching and Learning with Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia and the Pacific

24 August 2021

Living heritage is all around us. Bringing living heritage to school teaching will enhance education quality, enliven the experiences of students and teachers, and contribute to keeping this heritage alive for current and future generations. Whoever you are Ч teacher, school director, student, parent, heritage practitioner Ч you have a vital role to play in this process. Check out this animation series to learn more!

Episode 1: What is teaching with living heritage in schools?

Episode 2: Why is it important to teach with intangible cultural heritage?

Episode 3: I'm a teacher. How can I integrate living heritage elements in my lessons?

Episode 4: I'm a parent/community member. How can I help our school organize teaching with living heritage?

Episode 5: I'm a school manager. How can I help teachers organize teaching with living heritage?

Episode 6: I'm a student. What can I do to keep my heritage alive?

Series also available in Khmer, Korean, Nepali, Russian, Thai.

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