Recommendations of training on digital migration

30 November 2004

Participants in the international seminar - leading archives, and broadcasting organisation, the representatives of the program the "Memory of the World" and non-government professional organizations recommend to UNESCO member states in Almaty luster.

For the purpose of collection, storage, and the retention of the audiovisual information, which has the historical cultural value:

* To regulate by means of the improvement of the legislative, normative lawful and systematic base of the interrelation between the generating and stored organizations.

* To initiate the acceleration of the process the adoption of law "Concerning the required copy"

* To contribute to the formation public opinion about the formation of the culture of the consumption of the audio visual documentation by means of traditional and new media of the technologies

* To increase the capacity of the professionals in archives, broadcasting organizations and the educational outlets through the conducting the necessary trainings

In the region of the unification of storage and use of the audio documents
* To achieve their transfer to the digital form
* To consider as the acceptable carriers for the numbering
    o Disk accumulators (on the possibility HDD RAID)
    o CD/DVD (minimum 3 copies of the digitized originals)
    o DAT the cassette (minimum of 3 copies of the digitized originals)
To count minimally by the acceptable sizes
    o PCM, 44100 Hz, 16 bits (for the storage)
    o for the use it is provided for compression (Examle: MP3 and others...)
* In the region of the quality of the technical the state of source
    o To keep the necessary condition the retention of the original, digitized original (authentic digitized copy the original - 1st copy)
    o If necessary to increase acoustic fidelity with the retention of the maximum authenticity of source, preserving edited record - 2-4 copies
* To achieve a process of numbering s by the application of the contemporary professional equipment
In the sphere of the internal systematization
* to form electronic catalog on to the basis of international standards take into account the practical experience of Central Asian archives (I propose subsequently to manufacture the specific standard the creation of the data bases for the subsequent highly effective exchange. By the solution can to be Greenstone.) To recommend UNESCO to dessiminate information about the end-solutions
In the plan of propagation and access to solicit before UNESCO Almaty about the assignment of the server:

* For the formation and the use the united electronic catalog

Share the extensive experience of the Central Asian Member States countries via:
* Creation the portal - the means the exchange of information and of experience, with the possibility of information input by participants.
To take into consideration the report of the AIBD expert.

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