Publication on Sustainable Development of Atyrau Region

20 September 2003

Problems of sustainable development of the Atyrau city and of the Atyrau region:Analyt. Review. Almaty: KazgosINTI, 2003.
In the review different aspects of sustainable development of the Atyrau city and of the Atyrau region are considered, the south part of which is located in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea.

The general characteristics of the region are cited, criteria and indicators of sustainable development are characterized, main trends of economy and ecological situation in the region are described, the indices of state of the population health are given, and recommendations for increasing the sustainable development of the region are systematically laid out.
The review is prepared within the framework of the Coastal Regions and Small Islands platform (CSI) of UNESCO using material collected from research publications, data of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for statistics, information obtained from Internet and form mass media.
It is intended for a wide range of readers including specialists of state administration bodies, ecologists, medical workers, research workers and workers of public and non-governmental organizations. Picture linked to source

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