Kyrgyzstan: Strengthening Sustainability of Community Media

3 October 2018

UNESCOĺs International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) supports the project Strengthening Sustainability of Community Media in Kyrgyzstan. It aims to increasing the sustainability and diversity of media choice of twenty five rural communities in Kyrgyzstan. The training organized by Community Media Association of Kyrgyzstan from 3 to 7 October 2018 in Bishkek and Osh.

Over the past decade, community media in Kyrgyzstan have proved their role in the rural development. Nevertheless, about 40% of the rural population do not have or have a limited access to the necessary information. The project proposed a solution to this problem by expanding media pluralism, as a diversity of the media sources and forms, particularly in the community media sector, and its recognition by local as well as central authorities.

Community media themselves provides to citizens the necessary information by telling stories in an understandable language to their villages, and discussing local problems and offering solutions. The project audience is 141 thousand mostly rural residents of Kyrgyzstan.

The project will contribute to solving the media sustainability problem in licensing, public and private funding and community media formal recognition by strengthening cooperation among media, local governments, public authorities, and civil society; improve the role of rural media in social development;; and raise awareness on issues of providing social services to disadvantaged families, especially in remote areas.

Based on the UNESCO materials as wel as on specific publications from the International Programme of the Development of Communication, the project will be able to influence: Following Community media are participated in the project:
  1. Community Multimedia Center (CMC) "Kulanak" village Kulak Naryn oblast
  2. CMC "Uchkun" village Uchkun Naryn oblast
  3. CMC "Meiki" village Zherge-Tal Naryn oblast
  4. CMC "Kara-Chiy" village Kara-Chiy Naryn oblas
  5. CMC "Tun-Uk" village Baetov Naryn oblast
  6. CMC "Nur FM" village Tasma Issyk-Kul oblast
  7. CMC "Barskoon" village Barskoon Issyk-Kul oblast
  8. CMC Toktoyan village Toktoyan Issyk-Kul oblast
  9. CMC "Ulakhol" village Kara-Talaa Issyk-Kul oblast
  10. CMC "Sumbula FM" village Andarak Batken oblast
  11. CMC "Sulukta" village Kosh-Bulak Batken oblast
  12. CMC "Echo Uch-Korgona" village Uch-Korgon Batken oblast
  13. CMC "Kyzyl-Bulak" village Kyzyl-Bulak Osh oblast
  14. CMC "Kenesh Nuru" village Kuu-Maidan Osh oblast
  15. Community radio "Bakay-Ata FM" village Bakay-Ata Talas oblast
  16. Community radio "Radiomost", Talas city
  17. CMC "Ak-Kepter" village Kara-Suu Chui oblast
  18. Community radio "Suusamyr FM" village Suusamyr Chui oblast
  19. CMC "Konok" village Kyzyl-Tuu Chui oblast
  20. CMC "Dostuk" village Jal Chui oblast
  21. Community Radio Kemin FM village Shabdan Chui oblast
  22. CMC "Ak-Bakai" village Terek-Suu, Jalal-Abad oblast
  23. CMC Ogon-Talaa village Ogon-Talaa, Jalal-Abad oblast
  24. CMC "Sary-Bulun" village Kara-Suu, Jalal-Abad oblast
  25. CMC "Chintamani", Tash-Kumyr town.
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CMC Sulukta: Completion of the maternity program for 2017-2018 ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

Girls from Bakai-Ata in Arm-Wrestling Competition ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

CMC "Sary Bulun" informing about Community Meeting on 5 June 2018 in the Kara-Suu village of Jalal Abad region ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

Rural correspondents from the Community Multimedia Center "Konok" in Kyzyl-Tuu village, Chuy region interviewed the local woman ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

Fixing a water system in Kara-Suu village, 28 April 2018 ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

Harvesting in the fields of Kara-Suu village on 1 June 2018 ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

Field work in Zhayilsky district, 22 May 2018 ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

Preparing for planting trees in Sary Bulun on 18 April 2018 ęCommunity Media Association of Kyrgyzstan

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