Internet universality indicators: Online consultation Phase II

15 March 2018

All interested stakeholders are invited to review the first draft indicators document. We provide two ways for you to contribute before 15 March 2018:

  • You are invited to respond three general questions here. All responses should be submitted on this online platform or sent via email to sends e-mail).
  • If you wish to make more specific comments on the draft indicators document, we invite you to connect to the interactive platform. This platform has been developed by our partner, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). It allows you to comment each proposed indicator as well as interact with the other participants of the consultation.
General enquiries can be issued to UNESCO focal points, Ms Xianhong Hu ( sends e-mail)) and Mr. Josselyn Guillarmou ( sends e-mail)).

Please note that this consultation platform is available in the six UN official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish).
Freedom of Expression
Internet governance

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