International conference 'e-Collaboration@work: EuroasiaOnline'04', Almaty, October 14-15, 2004

11 October 2004

Presentation of UNESCO Information Society activities from 1999 to 2004 in Central Asia take place during International Conference named e-Collaboration@work: EuroasiaOnline'04. The Conference will continue Europe and Asias cooperation ideas put on the similar Conference EuroasiaOnline'98 in 1998 oganized by European Commission and UNESCO. TELESOL Project devoted to development of teleworking methods between partners from European Union (EU) and Common Independent States (CIS) in various spheres of human knowledge.

e-Collaboration@work: EuroasiaOnline'04 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE KAZAKHSTAN, ALMATY, October 14-15, 2004, Hotel-sanatorium Kargalinskiy


14 October

09:00 09:30 Registration
09:30 10.15 Official opening. Welcome speeches.
Dr. A.Bishigaev (Vice-president of Kazakhtelecom, Kazakhstan)
J.Babot (Head of sector DG INFSO of EC, Belgium)
Prof. J.Bonnin (President of EDNES, France) Dr. K.Kotoyants (Director of KING R&D Center, Kazakhstan)
10.10 coffee break
10.30 12.30 Session 1 - plenary
e-collaboration@work in 6th framework programme (Chairmen J.Babot, E.Malishevskiy)

10:30 J.Babot (DG INFSO of EC, Belgium). IST projects in the 6th Framework Programme and next calls for proposals
10:50 E.Malishevskiy (AIPET, Kazakhstan), R.Khasenov (NTA, Kazakhstan). Modern condition of ICT in education of Kazakhstan
11:10 A.Gvishiani (EDNES, Russia). History and state of the art of EDNES contribution to IST promotion
11:30 N.Raev (National Center of Marketing Research, Kazakhstan). Experience in management of European IST projects
11:50 S.Karpov (UNESCO, Kazakhstan). Outcomes of UNESCO Activities in Central Asia in field of ICT from 1999 to 2004
12:10 K.Matzner (Fraunhofer Institute, Germany). Introduction of an EC Project in the field of E-logistics and E-work

12.30 lunch

14.00 16.00 Session 2 - plenary
Project TELESOL state of the art. ICT projects in CIS and EU countries (Chairmen P.Kervalishvili, S.Smaguine)
14:00 S.Smaguine (EDNES, Russia). The progress and results of the project TELESOL in EU and CIS countries
14:15 H.Pruim (UNIDO, Germany). Project TELESOL and UNIDO activities towards SMEs
14:30 J-C.Marot (JC Consultants, France).
e-LEARN how to e-WORK ; TELEBALT training course 14:45 P.Kervalishvili (National ICT Council, Georgia). Problems of Information and Communication Infrastructure Development in Caucasian Region
15:00 S.Issenova (Internews Network, Kazakhstan). Information policy in Kazakhstan Republic. Perspectives of e-Government development
15:15 Yu.Grin, V.Natenson (VITANET JSC, Russia). International telemedicine projects and institutions based on Russia technologies
15:30 A.Beriozko, A.Soloviev (EDNES, Russia), R.Messnarz (ICSN LTD, Ireland). ORGANIC a new European EDNES Project
15:45 A.Khodjaev (Agency of Informatization and Communications, Uzbekistan). Legislative and standard base of ICT development in Republic of Uzbekistan

16:00 coffee break

16:20 18:00 Networking sessions 3
3A. International cooperation in ICT (Chairmen E.Djafarov, A.Soloviev)

16:20 E.Djafarov (FP6 National Information Point, Azerbaijan). Network of National Points within Sixth Framework Program
16:30 A.Beriozko, A.Soloviev (EDNES, Russia). New FP6 project IST4Balt for the Baltic States 16:40 J-C.Marot (JC Consultants, France).
e-Collaborative Work for IST promotion in NMS and OCTs new proposal for project eWOCTs
16:50 H.Schaffers (Telematica Instituut, the Netherlands), A. Soloviev (EDNES, Russia). The project MOSAIC Mobile Worker Support Environments
17:00 L.Aslanyan (Information science Institute, Armenia). Security policy adaptation reinforced through agents

17:10 Questions/anwers session

3B. e- democracy (Chairmen R.Isaev, J.Loonen
) 16:20 J.Loonen (Rosas C&M, the Netherlands). ICT services for citizens
16:30 A.Kolossov (Internet Federation, Kazakhstan). Public intstitutions role in Internet technologies promotion into education, business and civil society.
16:40 I.Risch (German Technical co-operation, Germany). E-democracy: first steps in Central Asian region
16:50 A.Yuldashev (Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan). Indicators of e-government evaluation (based on Uzbekistans example)
17:00 R.Isaev (STMRC of Informatization and Communications, Uzbekistan). E-government, e-circulation, e-commerce, e-sign, Standard marketing researches.
17:10 Questions/anwers session

15 October

09:00 11:00 Session 4 - plenary Telecommunication infrastructure and applications for e-collaboration (Chairmen K.Kotoyants, J-C.Marot)

09:00 T.Babaev (BSTC, Azerbaijan). Creation of Regional Resources Centre and Teleworking in Azerbaijan
09:15 D.Parker (AGIP ENI, Canada-GB). Communication trends and use in business applications
09:30 V.Markin (Kazinformtelecom, JSC, Kazakhstan). E-government: state of art solutions 09:45 B.Alymov (Public Fund INON, Kyrgyzstan). ICT in Kyrgyzstan: future trends
10:00 L.Chobanyan (BCC, Georgia). State and progress trend of INTERNET in Georgia
10:15 L.Galstyan (Arminco, Armenia). Technical aspects of teleworking - Communication and Security
10:30 E.Bukhareva (Katelco JCS, Kazakhstan). Modern tendencies of satellite communications
10:45 .Novikov (NTUU-KPI, Ukraine). Control of informational security in telemedicine systems

11.00 coffee break

11.20 12.40 Parallel sessions 5
5A. e-learning worldwide (Chairmen A.Dautova, M.Winter)
11:20 M.Winter (University Erlangen, Germany). Building Competence for elearning in education: improving the use of ICT in secondary schools remote areas
11:35 A.Kolossov (Internet Federation, Kazakhstan). Results of the program "Internet for civil sector" in Almaty schools
11:50 G.Nurgalieva (Centre of informatization of school education, Kazakhstan). Promotion of ICT in Kazakhstan education
12:05 A.Dautova (UUH, Kazakhstan). Satellite channel for distance education
12:20 G.Balakaeva (KIT training center, Kazakhstan). Teaching of modern IT-technologies

5B. ICT and healthcare (Chairmen F.Adilova, M.Natenson)

11:20 F.Adilova (IC, Uzbekistan). E-Health in Uzbekistan: organization and technical aspects
11:35 M.Natenzon, L.Agapov (Vitanet JSC, Russia). Creation and exploitation experience of the telemedicine networks within FCP e-Russia
11:50 M.Alymkulov (Healthcare Ministry, Kyrgyzstan). ICT in Kyrgyzstan Republics healthcare
12:05 O.Bondarenko (Public Fund INON, Kyrgyzstan). Unique experience of Internet control of oftalmology operation and telemedicine development in Kyrgyzstan
12:20 S.Ermakov (Medinterlink, Kazakhstan). Telemedicine network for rural areas in Kazakhstan
12.40 lunch

14.00 15.30 Continuation of Parallel sessions 5

5A. e-learning worldwide

14:00 J.Fores (Beicip Franlab Petroleum Consultants, France). Telework experience in international magistracy arrangament 14:15 A.Kuryshzhanova (SRIMM of KNU, Kazakhstan). KazNet recourses for educational purposes
14:30 Questions/anwers session

5B. ICT and healthcare

14:00 M.Natenson, V.Tarnopolsky, V.Kostenko, T.Balakhovskaya (Vitanet JSC, Russia). SCAESNet: mobile telemedicine laboratories for mass analysis on TB, AIDS and other deceases.
14:15 B.Durmanov (Medical Qualifying Institute, Uzbekistan). Development of life-long medical learning
14:30 Questions/anwers session
14:50 coffee break
15.10 15.40 Telemedicine round table (session coordinators F.Adilova, M.Natenson)
15.40 16.00 Closing remarks and official closing of the conference (Chairmen A.Gvishiani, T.Babaev)
Building Knowledge Societies; Internet Governance

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