How to measure efficiency of ICT in Education?

2 September 2006

Fifty six leading specialists on ICT in Education are trying to address this and number of other issues during the national workshop "ICT Use in Education" organised by Asian Development Bank in collaboration with the Republican Center of ICT in Education.

Over a two years period 2006-2008 the national group will research 15 key issues in each of six Asian and Caucasian countries:
  • ICT and Curicullum reform
  • ICT and assesement system reform
  • Teachers and staff training
  • School management and EMS
  • ICT to rural schools
  • E-educational materials development and its use on learning and teaching
  • Social inclusion
  • Analysis of ICT benefits and influence
  • ICT Financing
  • Infrastructure and its resource
  • Thinnet, Thicknet clients
  • Internet facilities and connectivity problems
  • State and private sectors, collaboration and role of private sector
  • Free and Open Source Software and OS
  • ICT in schools and societal benefit
UNESCO Almaty contributes to this project in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan through its efforts on the area of Open and distance Learning, Information Literacy, FOSS and content delivery using ICT

Contacts: Gul Nurgalieva Director, RCIE rcie(at)

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