How has COVID-19 affected you? Tell us your story

6 May 2020

Tell us your #CoronaStories

Young people are not only the key actors to find solutions to global problems, but also are effective promoters of change. Around the world, young men and women are driving change and claiming respect for fundamental freedoms and rights; improving conditions for them and their communities; opportunities to study, work and participate in decisions that affect them.

The #CoronaStories initiative is part of the UNESCOs responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. It seeks to bring young peoples voices and ideas to the table by listening to how you combat this challenging times.

We are all impacted by COVID-19 to a certain extent. Over the past months, you may have encountered panic and fear, you may also come up with solutions and many creative ideas to cope with these challenges. No matter where you are now, it is always important to keep positive spirits in this time of global solidarity. Sharing is caring, there is no better time to raise your voice than now! This campaign is all about YOU, let the world hear your story, let the world know your experience of this COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an open invitation to all of young people in Central Asia to share your stories and perspectives and inspire us all:

- Both written and video testimonies will be welcomed;
- For written testimony, please share your story through a short text here;
- For video testimony, you can send your link to

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