E-Campus now operational in Central Asia

2 December 2006

The completion of the UNESCO project on "E-portals of Central Asian Universities" was recently marked by the presentation of the portals at Al Farabi national University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The e-campus portal allow students, teachers and other staff to access the information resources of their universities electronically. Lecturers can develop individual study programmes for their students, taking into account their earlier knowledge about the subject matter. Simultaneously, the students are able to research and study information more independently than in a formal classroom.

The lecturers can also exchange experiences and study content of other institutions, who participated in the project. Alongside Al-Farabi University, these were the Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan, the Technological University of Tajikistan and the Ablai Khan Kazakh University of World Languages and International Relations.

In the preparatory phase of the project in 2004-6, experiences were exchanged on similar e-portals with leading European higher education institutes. The joint Computer Centre of the Strassbourg University served as the project adviser. Support was provided also by the French Embassy in Kazakhstan.

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