Community media of Kyrgyzstan united

12 April 2014

Process of formation and development of community media in Kyrgyzstan continues. April 12, 2014 in Bishkek, a working meeting of representatives of community radio and community multimedia centers. They discussed and adopted internal regulations of the Association of Community Media. The event was funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation office in Kyrgyzstan. Consulting support provided by experts from UNESCO Almaty Office and Deutsche Welle Academy.


Currently in remote regions of the country, with the support of international organizations, created and operates 4 community radio stations and 8 community media center. In the short term will run another 10 community media center. Until recently, the lack of a unifying factor and relevant experience did not allow the community to develop a media strategy for the joint development and become a unified movement in the country.

The foundation was laid in 2011 . Three years ago, to help unite community radio tried media expert from Germany Bettina Ruigies. With the support of international organizations UNESCO Office in Almaty and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, inviting international experts and trainers Bettina Ruigis organized in Bishkek, the National Conference of Community Media. The event became a platform where representatives of community radio stations could unite in joint initiatives.

Since 2012, under the European Union and the United Nations to promote good governance support is provided by the UNESCO Office in Almaty. In addition to learning available to the larger , it is the development of a legal environment conducive to freedom of expression in rural communities of the Kyrgyz Republic. Expert advice helped develop community media statutes and internal regulations and community media allowed to submit a draft legislative definition of the status of community and public broadcasting organizations in national legislation on radio and television. Thus, the question of the importance of the role of community media in local and promptly informing the public began to find proper response in government.

Together and checked
In 2013, the Kyrgyz media community united in the Association of Community Media. Democratic UN Fund (UNDEF) has provided funds for a meeting of the founders of the Association, legal registration and the official opening. According to the content - this is an open public organization. It has representation in all regions of the country, a common vision, a variety of stakeholders, the presence of the theoretical and practical capacity in work related to community-based media, the presence of partners in the face of traditional media, NGOs and LSG. Through this association, appeared platform and the potential for joint activities and community media to respond to existing and emerging problems.

Association held
After the legal registration, with the support of UNESCO Almaty Office, has developed internal rules of entering into a union of community media and decision-making procedures in accordance with the charter of the organization.

April 12, 2014, a working meeting of the Association of Community Media. Helped organize the event the office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bishkek (FES) in the face of Britons Utz and Chinara Iskakova. Expert support provided Lydia Ranert Academy Deutsche Welle (DW-Akademie) and Valentina Galich, UNESCO Almaty Office . Working meeting allowed members of the Association to discuss and adopt the four important documents - the internal situation of the membership of the Board, the Audit Commission and the code of ethics. He was elected executive director of the Association of Community Media - Nazira Dzhusupova. In addition, participants of the event were able to identify basic needs and to develop joint activities for the near future. Among the priorities - measures to improve the capacity of community media to represent the voice of the local community, informing him about the social issues and government effectiveness. Working meeting of the Association of Community media has helped to create the conditions for its formation, development, capacity building and institutional sustainability. And this is a very important step. Community media can provide a platform for discussion of development issues , including services, culture, education, gender, youth, peace, poverty and participate only if rural correspondents may monitor, investigate and criticize the policies and actions of the community to implement effective management. In this regard, important alliance sustainable community and independent media.

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