CD-ROM Musical Heritage of Kazakhstan

20 July 1999

The CD-ROM Musical heritage of Kazakhstan is the first experience of the National Library of the Republic Kazakhstan (NLRK) in development of a multi-language multimedia product (Kazakh, English, Russian). It is implemented through the joint project of the NLRK and UNESCO Office Almaty which rendered technical and consultant assistance to the project.

Publishers: Produced: July 1999 Languages: Kazakh, English, Russian The musical fond of NLRK numbers about 23 thousand grammophone records, 9 thousand of them represent Kazakh musical culture.
For the CD-ROM 60 musical compositions were chosen and recorded, representing all the genres of Kazakh musical culture.
Concise biographic information is given about the composers, performers and researchers. The CD-ROM also contains articles on Kazakh national instruments, about young talents, and also the legends and the history of the creation of some individual musical compositions, the CD-ROM is provided with the list of references and the defining dictionary of Kazakh words.
Author(s) and publisher(s):
The leader of the project - R.A.Berdigalieva, Director General of NLRK, Honoured Worker of RK, Candidate of science (history), Associate Member of Informatisation Academy, President of LARK The selection of musical compositions and musical consultation - E.N.Obaev, professor, Peoples Artist of RK, deputy minister of the Committee on culture (The Ministry of culture, press and public consent of RK)
The text compilers - N.A.Mukanova, K.Aimukhambetova, G.Kh.Balabekova.
The digitalisation of musical compositions - S.Zh.Uisinbaeva.
The selection and digitalisation of the illustrations - K.S.Asanova

The translation of the texts: A.T.Batyrgereeva (Kaz.), R.B.Yelekenova (Eng.), Zh.Stambekova (Eng.), K.Zh.Bozymbekov (Eng.), and G.Helf (Eng.).
The editors of the texts: N.A.Mukanova, G.Kh.Balabekova, A.T.Batyrgereeva, and S.A.Tasybaeva.

Logistics and capasity building : Mr.S.Karpov, CI specialist, UNESCO Almaty Office
The technical consultants and programme implementation: N.V.Semenchenko, Ye.I.Kapustin - The multimedia trainers group.
The design: N.V.Semenchenko.

Minimal computer configuration:
- Pentium processor-based personal computer (Pentium 150 recommended)
- Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP
- 16 MB of RAM on Windows 95/98 (32 MB recommended)
- 24 MB of RAM on Windows NT (32 MB recommended)
- 10 MB of available hard disk space
- 8x CD-ROM drive
- sound devise (recommended)

Terms: CD-ROM, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License and HeritageNet agreement.

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