Building Knowledge Societies: UNESCO Cluster Office Almaty participated on UNESCO Exhibition

10 October 2003

An exhibition on the theme "Building Knowledge Societies" is currently on display in UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris and online on the Organization's website. The exhibition is an initiatory journey into the world of knowledge and the benefits that ICT can bring to its creation, sharing, transmission and preservation.

Each part devoted for the following groups: Cultural actors, Educators, Scientists, Media people, Decision makers, Artists, Civil society
UNESCO Office Almaty exchibits represented in several departments: Preserving knowledge -> Cultural actors

  • Early publications of the Kyrgyz Epic Poem MANAS
  • Heritage Net - An electronic network of cultural institutions in Central Asia.
  • Kazakhstani Chronicle - A collection of digitized articles from Kazakhstani newspapers
  • Miniatures: The Electronic Heritage of Uzbekistan (XX Century)" A cd-rom of miniature Uzbek paintings. Pole:PRESERVE Х Theme:CLT Х Community of actors:Cultural Actors Х Level:3
  • Museolog - Museums Digital Catalog - A software system for building digital catalogs.
  • Musical Heritage of Kazakhstan - A multimedia publication about Kazakhstan's musical culture.

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