AralVision - The vision, available on website, is reflects the point of view of water resources and the environment

1 June 2003

Lack of considered planning of a large scale hydro-economic activity in the past has become the cause of the ecological catastrophe in the region of the Aral Sea.

In 1997, the Governments of the Central Asian countries appealed to UNESCO for advice how to act within the conditions of the Aral crisis. An approach has been offered by UNESCO, encouraging an optimistic vision of the future of the Aral Sea and its Basin. A Scientific Advisory Board for the Aral Sea Basin (SABAS) was established for the purpose of working-out such a vision.

The vision, available on our site here, is projected from the point of view of water resources and the environment. The history of the problem is described and the present situation is analyzed. Possible variants of future situations are considered and their reliability under present limitations is estimated. The Vision is offered for the year 2025. The Vision document considers also the actions that are necessary for the realization of its objectives.

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