A Wake-Up Action:#GirlsCreArt2020 Online Course for Girls with Special Needs

29 October 2020

An Online Course for Empowerment of the Central Asian Girls with Special Needs in Creative Industries was organized in the framework of the International Day of the Girls.

Today we are witnessing how people with special needs are contributing their vision to the development of creative industries: cinema, fashion, writing, visual arts and much more. Talented and creative girls literally change the world and its vector of development, regardless of any stereotypes and prejudices. For them there are no restrictions and no barriers, but only the desire to create and live.

We admire the spirit of our special girls, so we decided to contribute to their development by launching the #GirlsCreArt2020 project, dedicated to girls with special needs from all countries of Central Asia, with the aim of empowering them and improving their knowledge in certain creative professional fields. The course also aims to foster dialogue between the creative industries sector and girls to build their more equitable, brighter and more successful future.

The prominent artists of Kazakhstan for 6 days shared their experience, knowledge and secrets of success with the girls of the region.

For many of our young participants, attending additional training courses was difficult before the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the onset of quarantine, the situation became even worse. The girls also shared these challenges with their mentors. Empowering girls through the social and economic opportunities that cultural and creative industries can offer is at the heart of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Experts have revealed the secrets of how to do what you love and turn it into a business. The girls and speakers discussed the development opportunities for the population of Central Asia.

Between 12-17 October, girls had the opportunity to personally meet and talk with representatives of the film, fashion, handicraft, photography, visual arts and public speaking industries. That's not all, in addition to interesting and sincere conversations, master classes, lessons and instructions, our girls got the opportunity to take part in film auditions, get free courses in professional photography and the opportunity to do handicrafts. In addition, the fact that the girls had the opportunity to talk about their projects and ideas to a large audience played a big role, they found active support and motivation to improve themselves in creative direction.

It's actually very cool! You are great for helping girls, I would very much like to have similar courses/conferences held in due time and could explain to us that we need to love and believe in ourselves

Darina's mom, Kazakhstan

It is amazing to realize how girls of different ages, nationalities, religions from different countries, regions, cities, social groups found a common language and made friends. This was the main goal of the project, which UNESCO's team, professionals from the creative industries and course participants were able to achieve.

We are all united by creativity, and there are no insurmountable berriers for us.

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