A Decade of promoting multilingualism in cyberspace

15 October 2016

The initiatives of UNESCO on the promotion of multilingualism in cyberspace are undertaken by the Knowledge Societies Division, which is responsible for the realization of the concept of knowledge societies that are built on the key principles of inclusion, openness, diversity and pluralism.

The Division also coordinates UNESCOs overall contribution to the follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) outcomes and is in charge of the implementation of UNESCOs only normative instrument in this field - the Recommendation concerning the Promotion and Use of Multilingualism and Access to Cyberspace adopted by the General Conference in 2003.

Furthermore, this Division promotes access to information and knowledge using ICTs to enhance the quality of and access to education, build scientific knowledge and innovation, promote open access to scientific research, and empower local and marginalized communities. Significant efforts are mobilized to build capacities of key stakeholders, particularly teachers, to use ICTs effectively and acquire the indispensable for the 21st century competencies in Information, Media, Digital and ICT literacy competencies.


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